How to use

Fill sample applicator

 Using the supplied sample applicator. Just touch sample applicator to surface of the blood.  DO NOT IMMERSE SAMPLE APPLICATOR IN BLOOD TUBE. DO NOT SQUEEZE the  sample applicator,  blood will be drawn up automatically up to the black  line on the sample applicator. 

Apply sample to port

Apply sample to the sample port on the test strip. Touch sample  applicator to the sample port and gently squeeze to expel blood into the  test window. 

Add diluent

 Add 3 drops of liquid from the dropper bottle into the sample port. 

What you will see

3 lines

When there are 3 lines, there is no active acute inflammatory event, the patient is healthy or has recovered from treatment and treatment can be discontinued.

2 lines

When there are 2 lines, the patient has a mild to moderate inflammatory condition that requires closer investigation, or may be at an early stage of infection and may require further diagnostics and/or treatments depending on the results of physical examination

1 line

When there is one line, this indicates the presence of significant inflammatory condition, indicating the animal most likely has some sort of systemic illness such as infection that may require more diagnostics and /or treatments.